We provide a healing and relaxing experience ...

"Spiritual growth through mind, body and spirit connection" 


"Igniting self-love and universal life force energy"

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"Discovering the power of touch and nurturing" 

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Deep Tissue

"Relief from acute and chronic pain"

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"What are your feet, hands and ears telling you about your body?"

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Body Memory Recall

"Moving through old past trauma, old injuries to discover peace and harmony"

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"Effortless, Effective & Affordable bodywork approach"

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About Irene

  • ireneAs of 2016, I have been a Registered Naturotherapist -Holistic Practitioner for 17 years and I love my work. I enjoy helping people thrive and gain optimal health. It's important for me to attempt to meet the specific needs of each client.
    My approach integrates energy (ie. Chakra balancing, Reiki, Body memory recall) into all aspects of the bodywork I do  (ie. Intuitive Massage, Reflexology & Bowen)

Additional Services

electro-magnetic field

Electro-Magnetic Field

"Finding balance through conscious intention and energy channeling"

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health coach

Health Coach

"The journey back to the self by holding the space"

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Chakra Balancing

"Harmonize your chakra to bring you well-being"

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AM mc vs dc ae

We are social

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